Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Someone finally asked...

"Are you pregnant?"

Yes, for the first time someone finally asked me if I was pregnant who did not know the answer to this question. With 1/3 of my pregnancy left people have finally realized I am not just getting bigger. I was so excited to be asked the question I almost gave the guy a hug. But then I remembered I don't give hugs.

This evening the neighbor asked Michael if the baby's room is ready yet. This is one of the most common questions these days. "Not even close," is our answer.
"Don't worry, you'll have time. At about 3 months left you'll realize you're running out of time and you'll panic."

"We are at 3 months left," Michael informed him. The neighbor was in disbelief.

After taking a few belly shots this morning I changed into my running clothes. We took another shot b/c Michael said I look more pregnant in running clothes.

After all the picture taking and a bit of extra sleeping, I was running late. So I revised my plan to a 5K run. Apparently I was racing the other pregnant ladies (ie the ghost running with me) b/c I knocked it out in 25:04, which included a slowed pace for the last 2 min when my belly began to hurt. So, even with my extra weight and the high temps and higher humidity I still seem to be running okay.

As I was finishing my run I passed a guy walking in our neighborhood, "Slow down, you're making me look bad."

"Nah, you're fine." seemed a lot nicer than, "Don't worry I'm only 7 months pregnant."