Monday, July 20, 2009

National Lollipop day

When Michael came home for lunch I gave him his I love you lollipop in celebration of national lollipop day. "How did you know it's national lollipop day?"

Let's just say I was a sucker for national lollipop day. When I saw the sign at Whole Foods I could not help myself, I had to get something for Michael. The little hand I love you was just too cute to resist.

I can't help but wonder if I'm going to be one of those mother's who is easily conned into buying useless things for her kid.

Over the past few months I've paid a bit more attention to the parents in stores. It seems the phrase, "You don't need that, you already have enough ___ (insert item of want)," is pretty common. Thing is, I almost feel I'd be hypocritical to limit my kids when I'm married to a guy who's got 5 GPS, 5 bikes, and a pile of old cell phones. I had about 100 stuffed animals in my room growing up (no joke, I counted them once). How can I possibly tell my daughter that she can't do the same? Maybe we will learn that skill when we begin to look at price tags, I guess we'll just wait and see.