Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A few firsts

I had a few first time experiences yesterday. I'm sure I'll have many more in the near future but this is what I've got for now...

1st Barton Springs 1 mile swim sans wetsuit -

Although I have swum in Barton Springs hundreds of times yesterday was the first day I managed to swim a mile without a wetsuit. I tried it once a few years ago and made it down to the other end before getting out and walking back, I was too cold. But yesterday was a different story. A bit more determination and some extra baby-fat got me through a mile.

Tomorrow I was try and even more daring feat of strength: I will attempt to water jog before my 1 mile Barton swim.

For some of you, this might seem a bit humorous, I know plenty of people who have spent hours swimming in Barton. But I'm not that person. As one of my friends reminded me, there was an instance in the past when I hopped in a 77 degree pool with a wetsuit on. Don't plan on seeing me swim the English Channel anytime soon.

1st Prenatal Yoga Class -

After my hips started to tighten up on Saturday morning I decided it was time for prenatal yoga class. I'd been waiting until I started to feel really pregnant to go. Apparently I waited longer than everyone else, I was the farthest along in the class. When everyone else was saying they were concerned about not showing yet I got to be the one who reassured them, "Don't worry it'll pop out." Yippee, I finally got to say that, another first.

1st time using the pregnant lady pillow contraption for my massage -

I've been getting massages pretty regularly for years. Once my stomach started to grow the pillows started to pile up on the massage table. Yesterday I got to use the foam supportive pillow designed for pregnant ladies. Comes complete with a large indention for your stomach, pretty humorous looking but so comfortable to lay on that I was trying to figure out a way to get my own for sleeping at night.

1st time for our A/C to break -

When I got home from my massage I was greeted by Michael cooking dinner, "Did you do something to the A/C?"

It was already warm in the house so I knew this question was not a good sign. Clearly, Michael had already determined it was broken and tried to inform his pregnant wife as easily as possible. Still, it took mere seconds for the panic to show on my face. It was still 100 degrees outside and the idea of sleeping with out A/C sounded about as exciting pulling my teeth out or as Matt A. might say, "eating foil and shaving my head with a cheese greater."

A series of phone calls quickly began. We found a place to spend the night and found another friend who was willing to come over to look at it, "My A/C has broken 4x and I've always been able to fix it," he told Michael.

At 8:30 pm Michael and Matt P. were outside to trouble shoot the issue. But they weren't alone, Michael was also on a conference call to Taiwan and at a few points during the call I heard them discussing the A/C instead of computers. Once they'd determined the probable issue a call was made to another guy who used to work at Samsung and now owns an A/C repair company (Comfort Zone A/C). Crazy as it sounds he drove over to our house at 9:30 pm and replaced the broken part. I don't think it had anything to do with me being pregnant but I was certainly a happy pregnant lady when I got to sleep in my cool house last night.

As a side note... although I am clueless about Lynne's ability to swim the channel with ease I am even more mystified by women who have kids in TX without A/C