Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lab Results

When I got home yesterday there was a message on the machine from my OB's office, I needed to call them back to get my lab results. I assumed it was probably results from my visit last week, "Good grief they're probably going to tell me I have another bladder infection."

After my highly eventful trainer ride (okay, it wasn't too exciting) I called the doctor's office. The nurse on the line told me that my iron counts were good. Then she told me I have an elevated glucose level and will need to complete the 2nd round of gestational diabetes testing. At first I laughed, thinking there was no way I could have gestational diabetes.

The nurse told me that I'd have to schedule the testing for the 12hr fasting and 3hr blood draw testing. The comedy of it disappeared instantly and I began to grow upset about the situation. The voice on the other side didn't help much. I said I was surprised at the result b/c I haven't gained much weight at all. Her response, "Exercise would help."

That comment put me on the verge of crying. I asked what a positive result at the next test would mean. She said that I'd have to talk to someone about my diet, I'd be taking blood measurements 4x per day and if exercise and a good diet didn't help I'd have to get insulin injections.

I don't think the lady on the other end fully understood how I was feeling. After all, I exercise a lot (or so I think) and I eat pretty well (or so I think). I just couldn't seem to imagine how any changes I'd be able to make would help that much if my results were truly as high as she told me they were. So I got of the phone in tears and called Michael.

When I told him about the testing he made his best attempt to humor me. "Since I'll be away next week you won't have to worry about missing lunch with me on the day you're at the test." It was a good attempt but that didn't work too well. Then he told me, "Well, maybe you just don't eat enough sugar so your body is used to it and that's why your levels were still so high an hour after drinking the orange stuff." Thank goodness Michael knows how I think, try humor first, if that fails use logic.

I was still a bit bothered by the entire call so I called my step father who asked, "Did you tell them you do triathlons?" As if this would get them to say, "Oh, you do triathlons, the test results must be wrong, don't worry about taking the follow up test."

So, next Friday I'm scheduled for my 2nd round of testing. I'll just cross my fingers and try to look at it as an opportunity to get a bit of reading done. In the mean time I'll work on convincing myself it's probably not a result of anything I've done wrong.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Michelle,
I just want to tell you that no matter what the results come back at, it is definitely not anything you've done. You have been so careful to take care of yourself. I actually had gestational diabetes with my second pregnancy but not my first. Everything turned out okay. They told me that oftentimes there ends up being a false positive on the first tests. Apparently most people who get the 2nd round of tests done don't end up actually having gestational diabetes. Keep us posted but please don't second guess yourself - you are doing a wonderful job of taking care of you and your baby!