Sunday, July 5, 2009

Running with a melon

Michael and I went for a run this morning. Along the way I asked him how hard it would be to carry an extra 15lbs while running. He said he thought it would be pretty hard since an extra 10 was hard enough.

We got 'lucky' today, there was overcast sky for most of the run. Aside from a couple of stops for bathroom and stretching I think I did relatively well with my run. Of course, I wasn't able to drop my husband... that hasn't happened during any runs this year... yet ;)

Before heading out this morning Michael mentioned it might be a while until we get to ride together again, we haven't done that since my trainer got set up in April. Near the end of our ride Summer and Roger passed by on their bikes. It was their first ride together since their daughter was born, she turned 1 yesterday (Happy Birthday). Michael and I are hoping we can get a ride in together before that, so anyone who'd like some early morning baby sitting experience on the weekends is welcome to volunteer. Well... unless you happen to be one of our friends who's said they have a tendency to drop babies.

After our run I decided it was time to cut up the watermelon. When I lifted it up I realized it was pretty heavy and asked Michael to go upstairs and weigh it. Sure enough, it was 14.5 lbs, the amount of extra weight I am dragging along right now. Honestly, I have no clue how I'm doing it and still running, that water melon was heavy.