Thursday, February 7, 2008

Climbing a mountain

It seems like it's been a long time since I've posted to my blog. Some of that is due to my discovery of face book but a good portion of it is due to school.

My data is collected but I am far from being done. I'm going through that stage where it seems like the mountain ahead of me is going to take a long time to climb.

Now I must reflect upon a valuable lesson Michael forced me to learn...

On my 2nd road bike ride (1st was past the dam) my loving husband brought me to Jester. As I turned the corner I was unaware of what I'd face. Ignorance and lack of experience had me in the big chain ring. I wasn't strong enough to climb Jester in that gear and I wasn't experienced enough to quickly shift to an easier gear.

I fell very quickly. I tried to get back up and start up in the same gear and fell again. Over and over this happened. People walking along the road asked if I was okay as I gasped for air and ripped my legs apart.

Lesson learned: when you're faced with a big obstacle shift into an easy gear and take it slowly, eventually you'll get to the top

Okay, that's my insight of the day. Now I must listen to my own advice and go back to the screen with my data reconstruction on it. One step at a time, I'll just keep chugging away