Saturday, September 29, 2007

Marketing Ploy?

After Michael returned from HEB I reached for my new shower gel to replace the one I finished up today. As I looked at the container I couldn't help but laugh... doesn't quite look like 50% more to me.

Marketing strategies tend to make me laugh quite often. I think my all-time favorite is when people try to convince you the t-shirts they are selling are "one size fits all." XL might fit on me but it looks pretty funny when some 5' girl is wearing a t-shirt that hangs down to her ankles.

At one point Samsung decided all the CMP engineers had to wear froks when we were behind our tools (due to all those nasty CMP particles). When they first showed up all the froks were L, XL, and XXL. The froks were essentially long white lab coats. I think Maurice and Kelly laughed all afternoon the first time I had one on, I looked like an umpa lumpa.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

No A/C

It seems like all the guys I've been riding with have lost the air conditioning in their cars.

I've never quite understood the lure of a convertible. I'm much happier feeling the wind in my face while riding under my own power. Without A/C in the car it just makes a huge mess of your hair, especially when you have fine hair that easily blows all over the place. Even in a pony-tail my hair goes crazy with the windows open. Slower speeds with a bike helmet on are much more enjoyable.

Both Michael and Colin are now driving vehicles without A/C. I guess it's not too bad if you don't want to have a conversation. My brother and I were practically having a screaming match on the way home on Friday. Of course, I was happy to hang out with him and he got me home 2hrs before the bus so I shouldn't complain too much.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Burnet Weekend

Over the past couple of years a lot of TX Iron folks have flocked to Burnet the 2nd weekend in September. Saturday is the Burnet Century Ride and Sunday is the Burnet Tri Hard Triathlon.

Although Michael and I weren't part of Saturday's ride I couldn't help but add this picture to my blog. As the story goes... a squirrel lay dead on the side of the road during the ride yesterday. He was spotted with a beer can in hand, surrounded by a number of TX Iron cyclists who apparently felt the need to honor this squirrel. Apparently Jamie was putting up shelves back home (as all good preying mantis must do) and was not around to remind his athletes that ride time = saddle time, not clock time.

Burnet Tri was today. This was the 6th consecutive year for the Garel Tri Hard Challenge. Burnet was Michael's "First" real triathlon (Trilogy 2000 is a story in itself). We have done the race every year since then and it has become a source of healthy competition. For the past few years Michael has managed to take home the household win but I regained my title today. Some of you may note that he has been volunteering more than training and others may even give him some wiggle room b/c he was on his road bike. This is all true but I got myself a PR, hit my goal time, and had fun so I'll take it all in as a win.

Lastly, I'd like to wish my mom a Happy Birthday.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Keep Austin Weird

One of Michael's co-workers spotted this dog at Braker & I-35 the other day. Apparently the panhandler and his dog are working together at that corner.

Although I've never quite understood the fascination of dressing up your animal, I commend this panhandler for creativity. I'm sure there has been more than one occasion when someone has parted with money or goods purely due to amusement from this dog. Creativity and humor are admirable characteristics, life wouldn't be as enjoyable if we were all bland.

Goal of the day: make someone laugh :)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Death to Electronics

For those of you with Motorola Razor cell phones, be aware that they can't get wet. For years I've been very careful to place my cell phone in a Ziploc when I ride with it. I keep it in a dry pocket of my bag when I walk around. Unfortunately, I got a bit careless last week and killed the thing.

"How?" you might be asking... It met it's match with a container of sliced tomato (my lunch). Apparently, any little bit of liquid which seeps into the back of the phone will cause an indicator tab to turn red. After that your phone is dead and your warranty is void.

Bummer Dude!

The phone was not my only victim. On Thursday I took part in a research study. As I finished up with the data collection I was given a pedometer to wear for the next week. I was instructed to wear it whenever I was awake, except during a swim.

"It's okay to run with it?" I asked.


Ha Ha, a new challenge is born.

I wonder what type of run testing was done by the pedometer manufacturer. After trying my best to keep pace with Ali, Joe, and Michael for over 2hrs on Sat morning my pedometer was not happy. I opened it up to see what the current step count was. The LCD was fading out and it read 29000+ steps. After cleaning up we all went to Kirby Lane for breakfast. As we sat down to wait I opened it again just in time to see the 29,994 and the screen went blank.

I'm not sure what killed it; the temperatures, my sweat, or the fact that some crazy American would actually have taken 30,000 steps before eating breakfast.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Party Like a Rock Star

After checking out the Austin Tri race course Sunday morning I drove over to Milago to begin my "rock star" weekend. I was greeted at the gate by the rock star herself, Meghan.

Some of you may be questioning why I'd call a semiconductor engineer a rock star but compared to Scofield Farms, those people in Milago definitely live like rock stars. You'll have to believe me on this, I've been sworn to secrecy.

I think that rock star persona was contagious because I certainly felt like one during the race yesterday. There were people all over the course and it seemed like someone knew my name on every street corner. I'm not in prime shape right now and that gave me just the incentive I needed too goof off a bit and ham up the crowd. It was like one big party... well... after the swim that is.

I will admit, I did have to take a quick break from rock star persona near the end of the race. Amy A. accused me of not pushing myself so I was sure to put on my game face when I passed her again. After all, no rock star wants to let the crowd down.

To all of you who were out there cheering, volunteering, and racing; thank you for making the race so enjoyable.