Sunday, September 9, 2007

Death to Electronics

For those of you with Motorola Razor cell phones, be aware that they can't get wet. For years I've been very careful to place my cell phone in a Ziploc when I ride with it. I keep it in a dry pocket of my bag when I walk around. Unfortunately, I got a bit careless last week and killed the thing.

"How?" you might be asking... It met it's match with a container of sliced tomato (my lunch). Apparently, any little bit of liquid which seeps into the back of the phone will cause an indicator tab to turn red. After that your phone is dead and your warranty is void.

Bummer Dude!

The phone was not my only victim. On Thursday I took part in a research study. As I finished up with the data collection I was given a pedometer to wear for the next week. I was instructed to wear it whenever I was awake, except during a swim.

"It's okay to run with it?" I asked.


Ha Ha, a new challenge is born.

I wonder what type of run testing was done by the pedometer manufacturer. After trying my best to keep pace with Ali, Joe, and Michael for over 2hrs on Sat morning my pedometer was not happy. I opened it up to see what the current step count was. The LCD was fading out and it read 29000+ steps. After cleaning up we all went to Kirby Lane for breakfast. As we sat down to wait I opened it again just in time to see the 29,994 and the screen went blank.

I'm not sure what killed it; the temperatures, my sweat, or the fact that some crazy American would actually have taken 30,000 steps before eating breakfast.