Sunday, September 16, 2007

Burnet Weekend

Over the past couple of years a lot of TX Iron folks have flocked to Burnet the 2nd weekend in September. Saturday is the Burnet Century Ride and Sunday is the Burnet Tri Hard Triathlon.

Although Michael and I weren't part of Saturday's ride I couldn't help but add this picture to my blog. As the story goes... a squirrel lay dead on the side of the road during the ride yesterday. He was spotted with a beer can in hand, surrounded by a number of TX Iron cyclists who apparently felt the need to honor this squirrel. Apparently Jamie was putting up shelves back home (as all good preying mantis must do) and was not around to remind his athletes that ride time = saddle time, not clock time.

Burnet Tri was today. This was the 6th consecutive year for the Garel Tri Hard Challenge. Burnet was Michael's "First" real triathlon (Trilogy 2000 is a story in itself). We have done the race every year since then and it has become a source of healthy competition. For the past few years Michael has managed to take home the household win but I regained my title today. Some of you may note that he has been volunteering more than training and others may even give him some wiggle room b/c he was on his road bike. This is all true but I got myself a PR, hit my goal time, and had fun so I'll take it all in as a win.

Lastly, I'd like to wish my mom a Happy Birthday.