Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Party Like a Rock Star

After checking out the Austin Tri race course Sunday morning I drove over to Milago to begin my "rock star" weekend. I was greeted at the gate by the rock star herself, Meghan.

Some of you may be questioning why I'd call a semiconductor engineer a rock star but compared to Scofield Farms, those people in Milago definitely live like rock stars. You'll have to believe me on this, I've been sworn to secrecy.

I think that rock star persona was contagious because I certainly felt like one during the race yesterday. There were people all over the course and it seemed like someone knew my name on every street corner. I'm not in prime shape right now and that gave me just the incentive I needed too goof off a bit and ham up the crowd. It was like one big party... well... after the swim that is.

I will admit, I did have to take a quick break from rock star persona near the end of the race. Amy A. accused me of not pushing myself so I was sure to put on my game face when I passed her again. After all, no rock star wants to let the crowd down.

To all of you who were out there cheering, volunteering, and racing; thank you for making the race so enjoyable.


Amy said...

Great game face on the homestretch! Now if only you'd hurled at my feet. That would have been awesome.