Friday, July 10, 2009

3 hr Glucose test

Michael came home for about 24 hours between his two trips so we took another stomach picture this morning (see above). His first trip was for business, the 2nd one is his baby shower trip. Yes, I'm serious, my husband is having a weekend long baby shower with the three friends he grew up with. They began their series of trips as bachelor parties but now they needed a new excuse to hang out for a weekend.

After taking some pictures I made my way over to CPL for my 3 hr glucose test. They said to arrive between 7-8am, I signed in at 6:55. After the 2nd of 4 blood draws the nurse jokingly commented, "You're ahead of the other ladies." I replied, "I think they were asleep when I got here."

There were 2 other women who'd also failed their first test. I'm pretty sure I was the only one of us wearing a kid's sized t-shirt, still able to sit Indian style in the waiting room chairs. The nurses taking my blood found humor in the fact that I'd failed the first test and was told to gain more weight in the same week.

Now I'll just wait for that lovely test results call from my doctor's office.

As for other happenings of the week. I'm trudging through this hot Texas summer with everyone else. It's hot out and I'm pregnant, at this point I can't really do anything to change either so I'm just going to have to deal with it. I just recalled someone telling me to "deal with it" about two months ago. At the time the comment angered me. As I'm writing this I've realized I should have listened then.

The other day I was reading a back issue of Fit Pregnancy. There was an article with women confessing what they hated about being pregnant. The reply to one lady was "Think of pregnancy as an Ironman triathlon. If you didn't suffer, crossing the finish line wouldn't feel so sweet."

... I don't know if the person writing this article has done an Ironman or not. I can honestly say that my two favorite Ironman felt the easiest and took the least amount of time. Crossing the finish line after enjoying the entire day is a lot more rewarding to me than feeling frustrated and wanting to drop out of the race. Sure, you can tell yourself you endured the pain but I'm much happier when I'm invincible and feel no pain.

Hopefully I won't have a tough time with labor. I don't know that I want to have seven kids, trying to see how many times it takes to have a speedy, pain free experience.