Thursday, July 30, 2009

You're pretty slow

Seems like the water is the only place I've been lately. Yesterday I swam twice, today I water jogged. Maybe with all this exposure I learn that mythical feel of the water.

I made an interesting attempt to feel the water last night. A guy at the Quarry had a pair of 2 lb medicine balls with Velcro which he was trying to swim with. Carla and I decided to be adventurous and try them out. The guy encouraged us to swim a 100 m loop around the close bouy line. Carla made it about 25 ft before deciding she was going to drown and turned back. I tested it out, felt pretty weird, I doubt I was even going straight. Personally, I'm wondering if the guy brought them down to the water to see how many idiot triathletes he could con into trying to swim with these things. After all, we're all dumb enough to try anything if someone else tells us it might make us faster.

This morning was another water jogging morning at Barton Springs. Trish and I completed a record breaking 2 laps. Although I completed 2 laps I was shivering for the last 10 min so I think I still have some acclimation to do before I enter the Aqua Jogging World Championship in Finland, that water must be cold. What, you don't believe there would be such a thing? There is; Wiki says so, go look ;)

In the middle of our first lap our conversation was interrupted by a swimmer, "You're pretty slow." she paused mid stroke to joke at us. For the most part it seems the people at Barton Springs are quite friendly and social although I was starting to wonder if some of them were actually using us as target practice today.

On the non-workout front, I had a lunch meeting today for the 26 miles for 26 charities program I was not the only pregnant lady there but apparently I am still not noticeably pregnant. As spoken by the other pregnant lady, "I couldn't even tell."

She gave me a weird look when I said I'm now 8 months pregnant and replied, "I'm having twins."

Okay, I get it, I'm not showing as much as everyone else is. Good grief, why do I feel like I'm loosing a competition to get huge? Thankfully I happened upon something today which mentioned how petite 5ft tall girls often look like they are smaller and carry the baby low. It assured short girls, the mother's size does not imply the baby will be too small.

Still, I'm planning to go buy myself a screened t-shirt tomorrow with the following phrase:

"I'm pregnant, Due Sept 28th, 2009. I might look small but my baby is already in better shape than you!"


Summer said...

When I was pregnant, I had a t-shirt that said

"Yes, I'm pregnant.
It's a girl.
I'm due in July.
No, you can't touch my belly."