Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Something is in the water

When I arrived home tonight my neighbors were sitting outside their house. I went over to chat and they told me they are 20 weeks pregnant with a girl, their 2nd child. Over the weekend we spotted our next door neighbor walking around with her toddler and she looked pregnant. Thing is, we've only got 5 houses in our cul de sac and the people living in the other 2 can't get pregnant. I'm wondering if something was in our water. If any of our friends would like to come over for dinner just let me know, I'm sure baby G would be excited to get even more playmates.

I'm pretty excited about the neighbor being pregnant. I told her that we could draw a big chalk line at the end of cul de sac and tell the kids they can't go past it. She laughed at me, "Spoken like someone who doesn't have kids yet. We had 3 time outs before dinner tonight."

It's been pretty busy at the Garel house this week. Aside from a visit from Michael's dad and my brother's 30th birthday we also began to paint the room. It's far from finished but we'll give you a sneak preview. The sky blue area will soon become a mural with an outdoors scene; hills, mountains, clouds, and a bunch of wooden airplanes and animals Velcro to the wall.

After Baby G is born we'll probably add the letters of her name to the wall. My brother offered to go buy the letters ahead of time. I laughed, my family is not too creative in their attempts to figure out the name. Sorry... nobody finds out until after she's born :P

It seems that I have really popped out over the past few weeks. When I saw Richelle at the Splash and Dash she remarked that she hadn't been at the shop in a week and I'd grown a lot. It's true, for those of you who haven't seen me in weeks you are certainly missing out on the massive development which has taken over my stomach.

I've grown so big that I am now waddling. Yet, one customer still didn't seem to notice what was actually going on, "Why are you limping, did you fall off your bike?"

"I haven't ridden on the road in months, I'm pregnant."

...silence... I don't think she new what to reply.

Here's another picture so you can see what I'm talking about:

I told Michael I am huge. He's learning how to reply correctly, "You are not huge, you just have a big belly."


Bounty said...

Beautiful bump!! Congratulations! Your look fantastic! :-) Have loved reading your blog! I Just had my first baby, such a wonderful experience. Did you already choose the name? Have a glance here it's a great site to search names by popularity and origin. Finger and toes crossed for you and your baby! Jo