Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby G status updates

Here's a picture of the current Baby G wall mural. Michael has been hard at work. When he got done he came in to tell me it looks like a South Park scene. He then reassured himself that Kenny would not be showing up any time soon, apparently the South Park mountains have more snow on them.

As for the room, there's still more to be done. We'll post another picture once we've added a few things. Just don't hold your breath for the letters of her name... it's still a secret!

We ventured out to the tour party at the shop tonight. I'm pretty sure there were a few hundred people packed into the parking lot, trying to sweat out the toxins from the beer they were drinking. Unfortunately, Logan would not let me try to auction off my beer ration for diapers.

I got a few questions about Baby G so I thought I might answer them in one shot.

Baby G is a girl. She is due on Sept 28th but since she is going to be an overachiever I'd predict she'll be born on Sept 19th. If this happens I will attempt to guilt my friend Josh into coming to visit her since that is also his birthday.

She will most likely be born with blond hair but it will remain a question for about 4 years if her hair will stay light or turn dark, as Michael's did when he was that age. Since her chances of being tall are probably slim we'll let her try out gymnastics and diving before deciding she needs to be an overachiever and excel at sports she is not physically designed for. Lastly, she will like airplanes, Legos and playing outside.

Okay, so maybe that won't all happen but every parent needs to have unrealistic thoughts about creating someone perfect, don't they? Did I mention that she's going to be an engineer? ;)


plain-jane said...

Are you going to send her to an international preschool so she learns English, Spanish and Mandarin at an early age?

Mich said...

Preschool? nonsense, she's going to be part of the first ever toddler exchange student program. Why merely learn the languages when you can learn the culture too.

Okay... that was a joke, I don't want her to leave home at such a young age. Instead we're planning a number of trans-continental trips to expose her to the world before she's bogged down with kindergarden.