Saturday, July 25, 2009


I read an article once that talked about the hardest part of an endurance event as the portion from 50 - 75% of the race. I'm not sure how accurate that is for all of us, I believe it was targeted more towards long running races than pregnancy.

We're just a few weeks away from the Leadville 100 and this year a number of our friends will be heading up there for the race. I've had a lot of respect for that race for years and wish we were able to go up as support crew but that's obviously not in the cards for this year. Instead we will wish them the best of luck and patiently await the stories of how challenging the race was.

As for me, I am now 75% done with my pregnancy. I'll have to decide later if this past quarter was the toughest (I suspect the last one will be). For now I'll give some thoughts about the past 10 weeks.

Exercise - what can I say, it's getting harder but this is probably no surprise to anyone. I have a lot more fluff workouts during the week but I've listened to Angie's advice and I'm counting everything. My hips have started to shift and my pelvis has some misalignment which has made it difficult to run. But I am lucky, I have Kevin T to go to for massage and Performance Wellness to visit for adjustments and PT. They've helped me a lot during the past couple of weeks!

J&A - it's become a lot harder to stand all day, again no surprise. But, as with the exercise, I've got some good support from those around me. My co-workers at the shop help me reach things and even bring me ice cubes to stay cool. Still, it's getting to that time when I'm going to have to stop working at the shop. I've had a hard time adjusting to that reality but I will make it to my goal of working until Jack's Generic Tri. BTW, we could always use volunteers if you'd like to come help ;)

Body - yes, I'm getting bigger... no surprise. I'd like to say I consider myself lucky on this front. Although I've felt some frustration when I'm still told I don't look pregnant enough I'm pretty happy that I haven't gotten huge. I haven't had any strangers try to touch my belly and I haven't had anyone ask me if I'm due next week. On the other hand, I am frequently asked what race I have coming up next. The guy who asked me on Thursday was in shock when I said I am due in 2 months.

Friends - this part has been both difficult and rewarding. Although I don't have the ability to go ride outside or run on the trails, my friends have made great efforts to join me for workouts as well as listen to my chatter about being pregnant. The most impressive part was my friends who were willing to endure a road trip to Lubbock with a pregnant lady. It turned out fine, I did not need to stop and pee every 20 min, but none of us knew how it would go until after it was done. Overall, I've been impressed with how understanding and helpful everyone around me has been. It has taught me a lot about the value of good friends.

Now, we'll just have to wait and see how the last 10 weeks go... and of course everything beyond that point.