Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Orange Drink

After swim practice I made myself some eggs, spinach, and tomato before downing my orange drink. From that point I had exactly 1 hr to arrive at a specified lab and get my blood drawn for the mandatory gestational diabetes screening.

At my last doctor's appointment I'd been warned of how horrible the drink was, how it made people feel sick and throw up, etc. I assumed it would lead to an interesting blog post. No such luck. I guess the sugary drinks don't taste so horrible when you've gotten your body accustomed to sports drinks and recovery drinks. My stomach wasn't feeling so great when I was waiting at the lab but the taste of the drink wasn't too much trouble.

To be honest the most interesting part of the adventure was the sky opening up. It was a downpour of rain when I needed to get in my car and drive over. Not too common in TX so it was actually a bit exciting. Especially since the overcast and rain earlier today resulting in sub-100 temperatures all day. Yippee, run outside tomorrow morning!