Monday, June 29, 2009

Nerd Road Trip

Michael and I made the trip to Lubbock this past weekend to watch the 70.3 race. We'd been a bit undecided on going but when we checked the weather report, and realized it would be about 15 degrees cooler in Lubbock, we decided to make the trip.

Michael wanted to fly so he convinced Beaux to join him since I was not in the mood to get in the hot airplane with my bulging belly. Note the location of the double seat belt - not so comfortable with a kicking kiddo.

Instead, I took the longer method and drove there with some friends. Along our way we stopped for gas and couldn't help but take a picture of the drink we saw in the cooler, "NERD." Although Joe is trying to point me out as the nerd we had an car full of engineers so I'm pretty sure we all count as nerds.

Although it was still hot on Saturday we got a great bit of rain and colder temperatures on Sunday. I'm pretty sure I would've run the entire 1/2 marathon course if the water stops had been set up when I went through. Instead I just ran 8 and did some spectating along the way.

Joe & Michael took 1st and 2nd in their AG in the sprint. They are doing quite well with their minimalist training regiment. They keeping talking about forming a training group of people who would rather eat pizza and brownies so let them know if you're interested. Of course, I don't think their theories will speed you up but they might help anyone who needs to gain some sympathy weight while their wife is pregnant.

After the race we had a heart to heart with Carla. Translation: "No, we are not driving home yet, we're going to wait and see if the Kona slot rolls to 3rd." Joe (aka super driver) took a nap while the girls went to the awards ceremony. Unlike past years, this year's ceremony was at a bar, with garage doors and very dark walls. The band played for a lot longer than we'd expected and the awards were giving in reverse age. That made for a long night but we did get to see a bunch of friends go up on stage and got to celebrate with some people who got their roll down slots :) The spot in Carla's AG went to 2nd so she was one away, just as she'd been at IMFL :(

By the time we picked up Joe and got some more food it was 10pm. That lead to an arrival in back in Austin at about 4:30am Monday morning. It was a long ride but we had some good laughs along the way including a discussion of the best location to stop and use the bathroom.

There were a few ups and downs along the trip but overall I'm glad we got the chance to leave town and cheer for some friends. A big congratulations to Amy for winning her first 70.3 and to Brandon for finishing 4th.


erichollins said...

I am very interested in learning more about Joe and Michael's triathlon training plan.