Monday, June 8, 2009

Elevation Burger

On Friday night a group met up at the Quarry for a zen swim. It's quite amazing how many crazy tri-geeks head over there to swim after work on Fridays. I'm one of them too and I was quite content to spend my evening swimming and hanging out with friends.

Total expenditures for the day included a 50 min run with 6 x 800, 1 hr of weights, and 3 loops at the quarry. I was feeling pretty good and riding on cloud 9 since I'd been able to keep up w/ Joe, Ali, and Jim when I pulled. But... I was hungry!

The decision was made to head over to Jollyville Rd for dinner and a visit to Krispy Kreme, in celebration of national donut day. Upon arrival at Elevation Burger Jim told me he'd thought the burgers seemed a bit small the last time he'd visited. After his previous meal he said he could have eaten 3 of them. I wasn't in the mood for 3 buns so I decided to compromise and order the Vertigo burger. Apparently there are very few people who order the stack of beef b/c the guy bringing out the tray asked, "who got the vertigo burger?" and seemed quite excited to find out it was the small girl. As you can see from the picture below, I was quite tired and used every last bit of energy to fit that stack of meat into my mouth.

After dinner we made the trip down the road to visit Krispy Kreme and watch the life cycle of a few donuts. It was fun to watch them travel up the conveyor belts, float down the pool of grease, and pass under the sheet of sugar. I have no clue how my friends all managed to eat those things after witnessing such an event. Of course, I ate a triple decker hamburger so who am I to talk?!

A few more belly pictures (taken 6/7) to show the progress over the past week.

From the front...

From the side...

If you look closely you can see where Baby G is poking out from under my ribs and my 'old stomach.' I've been told I'm still not looking overly pregnant but I was reassured that I'm on track after a google images search of other women at 6 months. There are some shockingly large bellies but quite a few girls who looked about as big as I am.


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Looking good Michelle!