Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Airplane Baby

Those of you who know Michael probably know about his love of airplanes. For the past few years he's been making every effort he can to convince our friend's kids to like airplanes. His most notable efforts have taken place with the boys of our friends Dave and Amy.

We visited them in the hospital today, their baby girl was born yesterday at lunch time. He of course, spent some good quality time holding her and informing her that she and Baby G will love airplanes. Reese seemed to be pretty content with Michael so maybe he'll convince her to love airplanes.

Of course, Baby G will have little choice in this. She'll be wearing airplanes and will have her very own airplane baby blanket(s). Michael is so convinced that she'll like airplanes that he seems to have forgotten that she'll be born in the hospital instead of at the airport. I think he slipped up about 3 times this weekend and made comments about driving to the airport when it's time for Baby G to be born.

So... if I happen to go into labor and Michael isn't the one driving me, could someone please volunteer to let him know I'm at Seton, not the airport?!

In other news, we've started a list of things you should not say to your pregnant wife:

1) Your belly is going to get huge (when looking at a newborn and your wife is trying to figure out how she'll ever fit something that size into her belly)

2) You're getting heavy (when your wife sits on your lap at 25wks of pregnancy)

3) Ha Ha your belly button is going to pop out (after mentioning how you think outtie belly buttons are ugly)

4) Nobody can tell your belly has grown b/c your boobs are so big right now (when your wife is frustrated that she's not showing yet)

5) Hello running ability where did you go? (complaining about your slowed running as your wife is struggling to run with a kid pushing on your bladder the entire time)

Please... if anyone has others to add to the list, it might save Michael if he's warned of them before he says them ;)