Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Turtle Outswims the speedy male ITU guys

The blurry turtle in this picture was spotted swimming in Lady Bird Lake (aka Town Lake) about 30s before the ITU men were flying through the water next to his location. Good news for the turtle, he'd already dove deep into the water before the washing machine of speedy guys passed by.

I'm pretty sure this turtle is a stronger swimmer than I am. Good thing nobody challenged me to race the turtle, that might have been embarrassing, especially since the turtle has never been taught how to swim. Just for the record, I think I could have taken him with my paddles and pull bouy.

Yesterday was the first time Austin has hosted and ITU triathlon. Michael watched the race from his position in transition and I did my best to run around the course cheering for the few people I knew.

Among this small group was our homestay for weekend, Andrew McCartney, from Victoria Canada. Michael and I had the pleasure of hosting Andrew this past week and were impressed with his overall character and easy going nature. Keep your eye out for him over the next few years and be sure to root for him if you ever see him at a race, he is a genuine person and has a solid head on his shoulders.