Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Maturnity Clothes

After my doctor appointment today I ventured over to the maternity store to see what they had. Yesterday I was told, "You don't look pregnant, you just look chubby." I did not really know how to take that but thought it might be time to actually buy something that fits around my belly instead of just wearing loose clothing. A few weeks ago I joked with a few people that I was going to find a shirt that said, "I'm not fat, my baby is." The comment yesterday made me curious if such a thing exists.

Apparently there are some close ones; the shirt in this picture and another one I saw that read "Mommy... and me" Maybe that would stop people from saying they don't believe I'm pregnant. Or maybe not, the lady in the store even looked at me and asked, "You're pregnant? Are you past 3 months yet?" Good grief!

Of course, I'm sure the day will come very soon when my brother jumps for joy as my belly sticks out farther than his. He keeps telling me I'm going to get huge. He happened to call my cell as I was in the dressing room to try a couple of shirts on. I told him there was a round pillow in the dressing room to Velcro around your belly. Of course, I tested it out and looked at myself in horror, how in the world could my belly possibly get that big in another 4 months. If that happens I will be huge!