Saturday, May 2, 2009

I could eat a cow... well maybe not an entire cow...

When I was in college I joined the meal plan at Michael's fraternity for a couple of years. Since he was on the meal plan and we ate together every day it was the most logical thing to do. Trouble is, I have never been a big fan of food prepared for a mass of people, especially when that mass of people is on a budget. The net result is usually low quality, greasy food with all the nutrients cooked out (if they had any to begin with). Lucky for me, there was a solution: The Curtis Vegetarian.

Curtis was the cook for the fraternity while we were in school. He was a great guy, always friendly to the people who were honest with him. He made a real effort to keep people happy when he could which worked out well for me. It became a little confusing when I tried to tell him which meat I would and would not eat. So we decided it was easier to just tell him I was vegetarian. It worked out perfectly; he cooked a huge mass of food for the guys and made a single size portion of something completely different for me. He even learned to tell Michael what dinner was ahead of time, to see if he might want the mass meal or mine too. It didn't hurt that Michael was the finance chair and wrote Curtis's paycheck. Yes, I was spoiled but I made an effort to always express my gratitude for my extra attention.

It's been over a decade but I'd still consider myself a Curtis vegetarian, I am rather picky about the meat I eat and often choose vegetarian options for that reason. But that has changed a bit since I've been pregnant, I've discovered new items such as the beef cuts which are good for stew or stir fry. I haven't had any chicken in months, and I've been careful about my fish but I've been eating beef and lamb whenever I get the chance. (Still no pig though, that won't change).

So I've spent a couple of months eating all cow parts, without much concern where they came from. Okay, that might be a bit of a lie... we watched Herald and Kumar go to White Castle last night and that pile of sliders did not look good. As of yet, I still haven't caved and eaten any burgers from Jack in the Box.

I have recently discovered my inability to eat the entire cow at once. It appears the rumors about getting filled quickly are true. This new physical limitation is quite troublesome for a person who's eyes are bigger than their stomach. In the past it's been very rare for me to leave food on my plate unless it tastes horrible. Lately I've had a bit more trouble polishing off the American sized portions.

Of course, I must admit I get rather amused while watching my stomach grow before my eyes as I'm eating a meal. The down side is how long I feel Thanksgiving Day Stuffed. On Thursday night I ate a normal portion of pasta and was still stuffed when I woke up on Friday. Kind of reminds me of some drunk who passed their limits one night and woke up the next morning still tipsy from the night before and didn't reach their hang over until lunch.