Thursday, May 28, 2009

Can you still see my abs?

During my 2nd semester of my senior year in college, my friend Carmen and I took weight lifting together. We had more than met our requirements for graduation so we decided it might be fun to overload our schedule a bit with some fun stuff, we also took a drafting class.

While we were weight lifting Carmen told me that her goal was to get enough abs to see the line down the center of her belly. I don't know that I ever got to that point my senior year but I've never forgotten that comment, it is my measure of being fit or unfit.

Carmen and I are now both pregnant for the first time, she's about 8 weeks ahead of me. It's funny how many of my friends from college are also pregnant right now... although I have a feeling I'm the only one of us who's wondering if her abs have disappeared yet.

The picture above was taken yesterday morning. I'm pretty sure the line is gone from the center of my belly. I'm also pretty sure there are plenty of people out there who don't think I look 22 1/2 weeks pregnant.

Therefore, Michael asked me to show off my pregnant belly look (see picture 2). Before I got pregnant I used to buff out my stomach real far whenever I was full and joke about eating too much. Michael asked me to do that again yesterday morning. Here's the result...

I'm pretty sure most people would agree I look pregnant in that picture. Of course, I'm sure my belly will stick out a lot farther in a few months but that's about all I can do right now. You'll just have to keep checking back to see how big is actually becomes.

Okay... enough of the goofing around. Here's what it looks like when I am not trying to buff it out. Do I look pregnant yet?

Today I had a friend point out something very useful. She reminded me that being told I look chubby and not pregnant is not so bad. After all, I'm still working out and my baby is healthy. She's correct, I'm very appreciative that Baby G is doing well!