Friday, May 8, 2009

Apple Pie

For my entire life, apple pie has been one of my favorite deserts (dark chocolate beats it out). My grandmother and mother make great apple pie and I miss it quite a bit. One of the perks about doing IM Lake Placid is my mom lives a few hours away so she comes to watch the race and bakes me a pie while I'm out on the run. There is nothing quite as wonderful as getting a huge piece of warm apple pie after finishing a day of racing.

They'd share the recipe with me but for some reason I just don't want to know the recipe, sometimes ignorance is bliss. My brother knows the recipe, he made his first pie at Thanksgiving. He did a great job for his first time and I'm waiting to taste the second iteration.

This waiting has turned into a pit of a joke, or maybe I should call it a quest. For some reason a nice piece of home made apple pie seems almost impossible to find in Austin. I have been wanting a piece for weeks, this single pregnancy craving has turned into a story.

Michael's sister and boyfriend are in town for the weekend (she'll be doing the Rookie on Sunday). After dinner I proposed the idea of looking for a piece of pie. On Tues I was told to find Frisco, they might have pie.

Michael pulled out the trustee Iphone and looked up the address on Burnet. We drove over and after a few loops decided the place was no longer there. Instead we settled for a visit to Hey Cupcake, after all it's supposedly a hot spot in Austin. Honestly, it was a huge disappointment, cupcakes are not apple pie!

So... I am still waiting... hoping that I will manage to find a piece of apple pie in the next 20 weeks. After all, every pregnant lady deserves to have one craving, right?


Devon said...

Very Fit Pregnant Girl With Hankering For Pie,

The Frisco was replaced by a new Walgreen's, but it reopened a little farther north up Burnet (where Curra's and a bunch of other restaurants have been). It has quite a following, although I ate there once and wouldn't necessarily recommend it (but I didn't have the pie).


unifab said...

You better get that pie soon!
In Mexico we say that if you don't satisfy a pregnant woman's cravings the baby will "look" like that craving... So, if you don't want your little girl to look like apple pie, you better get one soon ;)

I think, some pregnant woman invented that so her husband would go in the middle of the night in search of something crazy.