Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That's Huge!

Michael's sister and her boyfriend come to visit for the weekend. They brought us a couple of gifts for Baby G, a sleeper and a new born sized onsie.

As you can see, I was a little concerned when I held the onsie up to my stomach; it's huge! I can't possibly fathom how quickly my stomach will be growing over the next 4 months to reach a size that's large enough to fit a stuffed onsie inside me.

Michael tried to reassure me, "Don't worry, the diaper will fill up half the Onsie."

That does make it sound a bit better but still has me a bit concerned. After all my brain still has the part that thinks like an enginerd and knows there will be a severe bottle neck during the process of birth. Unfortunately my body happens to contain the piping system which Baby G will travel through, eek!

Speaking of diapers, I registered for Austin Diaper Delivery yesterday through the Austin Baby gift registry: We know a few other families that have done this, it's a great idea. Austin Baby delivers a batch of cloth diapers every week and picks up the soiled ones.

It's great because you can have a few months of getting used to the cloth diapers without all the cleanup. Once you've got things figured out you can buy your own cloth diapers and wash them yourself. Less diapers into the landfill and a bit of help while we're getting used to Baby G, sounds like a great plan to me :)


Summer said...

We've never used a diaper service and honestly, it's really not that big of a deal. It's a couple of extra loads of wash a week - totally manageable. If you ever have any questions about cloth diapers, you can totally hit me up. Emmaline has hardly spent any time in sposies at all.

Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

You're showing a wee bit, but you're pregnant, but PREGNANT like a lot of ladies out there.

Jeff9 said...

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