Saturday, May 16, 2009

2 Engineering Degrees = 3 Dr. Suess Books

Last month Michael told me we'd paid off one of my school loans... that was not the last. After a couple of Engineering degrees from Carnegie Mellon we'd built up quite a bit of school loan debt.

We also spent quite a lot of text books. It's always a bit amazing when you go ring up a semester of books and realize you just spent $500 on a set of used books.

Michael and I have been holding onto almost all of our books for years. Today we decided it was time to get rid of them, to make some space for Baby G. After all, she's probably not going to be too interested in them for a few years.

So we piled our text books and a number of other books into the car and drove them over to Half Price books. As I waited for our 'offer' I went over to look for some books to read to Baby G.

After about 30 min we were called to the front to get our offer of $65. It was almost depressing to think how thousands of dollars and many hours in the library had just turned into a few kids books.

Michael joked, "I wonder how much you could sell your diploma for?"