Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Practicing early

Leah is up against some tough competition in her future. Our friends over at Jack and Adams seem to be producing babies at a rapid rate. 2020 might be a competitive year for youth triathlons in Austin.

It's never too early to get started training. After all, if you're not out there your competition probably is. Leah logged about 500 hrs while in the womb and unlike her mother she is not taking six weeks off.

Leah wakes up from a nap...

First a bit of stretching:

Time to get starting with her daily calisthenics:

A bit of arms, a bit of legs, and she's already for a day of baby life.


Although Leah is pretty happy most of the day, she does not like taking her clothes off. As her parents we are not upset by this. Actually, this characteristic lightens our concerns for the future even though it does make things difficult when changing diapers and giving her a bath.

Here's a little video from her first complete bath. We had to wait until earlier this week, after her umbilical cord stump finally fell off.


trish said...

well done on the fog cue in the video :)