Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Is there an acronym for Cumulative Sleep Deprivation (CSP)? If not, I think there should be because I'm pretty sure it's common for all new parents.

Over the past few weeks Michael and I have been told we look pretty good, just a little tired and not completely exhausted. If this is what it feels like to be a little tired I am really hopeful we don't experience utter exhaustion!

There have been times in my life when I've been tired but nothing really compares to how I feel after 6 weeks without a night of uninterrupted sleep. College and Ironman training have nothing on this. Somehow this week I have managed to loose the keyring with my house key, almost lost my phone, and just called to cancel my credit card. I have no idea how this has happened, I somehow lost my credit card while returning it to my pocket at the grocery store.


After months of emailing WTC, I finally got the rest of my refund for IM AZ.

Michael and I were joking about how the race would go if I were actually going to attempt it...

Q: why were Michelle's transitions so long?
A: she had to feed Leah

The following would be the race plan for a mother of an 8 week old.

Pre-race: wake up, eat breakfast, feed baby right before heading over to get body marking. Apply body glide in usual locations and some new locations.
Swim: try not to drown. Ignore how tight the wetsuit is.
T1: get baby from husband, feed her in transition tent
Bike: must finish eat loop in 3 hrs, feed baby at special needs. Ignore the saddle sores.
T2: feed baby again, don't forget to put on 2nd sports bra for support
Run: meet dad at mile 20 for feeding unless it's a really good day and you can make it to the finish before baby needs to eat again. Ignore the hip pain.
Finish: collapse at the line and do 10 push-ups. Later tell people you were trying to make P.T. proud instead of admitting utter exhaustion.
Post race: get massage, put on dry clothes, tell dad to give her a bottle instead b/c you're toasted.

Of course, I'm sure it would be a piece of cake for any mother who is using formula instead (that's a joke! it's still a crazy idea).

Note: As I edited the above post I realized my blunder of the hour... typed CSP instead of CSD as my acronym. Confirmed, I am tired.


Maggie said...

okay, I'll do this in your place....I'll try to do you proud!