Thursday, October 8, 2009

My First visit to the shop - Leah's tale

Today mom and I drove down to the shop for my first visit. On the way down she assured me I'd meet a lot of new friends and would see some cool things. I was a little skeptical at first, thinking this was a devious way of convincing me to go on her adventures with her.

As we walked in the door we were welcomed by a friendly staff who all seemed excited to see me. Not only was the staff friendly, the customers were running over to say hello also. I felt like a rock star.

I was happy to see the bike shop has more bikes than our dining room. I'd been getting a little worried about my parent's bike collection. I assume there will come a day when they leave me behind to hop on one of those two wheeled contraptions.

Since I don't like being left behind I asked Thomas to measure me for one of the bikes. Unfortunately, my diaper makes it impossible to get an accurate stand over height measurement. I'll have to wait until I'm potty trained for a correct measurement, I've put that on my to-do list for my second birthday.

I told Drew I like the new shop jersey and asked when we'd be getting one in my size. Apparently there is no such thing as an infant tri-top. I'm working on my get-rich-quick plan to design one. With all the new babies at the shop I'm sure they'd be a hot item.

The mechanics were very nice although none of them wanted to hold me. Mom said that was okay since they all had dirty hands from working so hard on all the bikes. Thankfully the other members of the staff were nice enough to give me some attention.

I liked the shop a lot, I think I'll go back. I hear the Jack guy is really nice too. I'm looking forward to meeting him very soon.

- Leah Garel


Maggie said...

Leah! you're too cute!
glad you had fun at the shop. did they try to hook you up with an aero baby bottle?

p.s. I hear this monday around noon is a good time to go back to the shop. juss sayin.

Mich said...

No can do Mon at noon, we have to drop some people at the airport. How about later in the week?

meredith said...

Yes, but Jack has dirty hands, too :) Welcome to social hour at the shop, Leah. You are likely for many encounters with my husband there. I guarantee he will hug you, hold you, and probably make you cry...he is good like that!