Sunday, October 18, 2009

Austin Tea Party

Today marks an important day for Leah, she spectated her first running race this morning, IBM 10K. I think she was scoping out the competition. There were a couple of baby joggers moving at a good pace so we might have some work to do before her first race.

After the race we joined Clea & Stephanie for breakfast. They are both pregnant, expecting a boy and girl respectively. In the middle of breakfast Clea told me to look over at the table nearby, "Is that going to be you two in a few years?"

When we got up from the table I realized why it was so funny. Half the wall of tables had been pushed together for the huge gathering sitting near us. It was about 8 pairs of mothers and daughters, all dressed up, having tea and scones. We'll have to see what happens in the next few years... will Stephanie and I have tom-boy daughters who play with Leggos and run around outside? Or will we have two little princesses who play with barbies and enjoy shopping for outfits to wear at the next Austin tea party?

It's 34 days until IMAZ '09. My name still appears on the start list but I won't be toeing the start line next month. Although I have heard of people finishing marathons or Ironman two months after giving birth, I honestly don't know if I'd be able to finish and if I did I'm sure it would be a brutal recovery!

But... I am contemplating signing up for one next year. After all, we have this cute onsie for a 12 month old that Leah will need to wear some time next fall:


clea said...

The tea party was pretty hilarious. But don't worry, I think tea and scones sounds great, and I still consider myself a tomboy!

Steph said...

I had a great time too! I have a feeling that, even if Leah and Amelia are princesses and want to have tea parties, they'll have a hard time convincing their respective moms to dress up like that to sip tea and scones in public . . .

If they do, I'm going to be like that one little girl on end who was sporting her black and white Converse high tops under her cute little polka dot sundress ;-).

Had a GREAT time. Hope to do it again with you guys soon. It was really fun to meet Miss Leah.