Thursday, October 22, 2009


We've had a few people joke that we might spoil Leah.

Personally, I don't know if it's all about Leah. I am convinced that Michael wants all those toys to play with himself and needs an excuse to have them.

But... I can't help but wonder when your child is considered spoiled.

Maybe it happens when she begins to get personalized monogrammed onsies for one day of her life...

The Halloween one is not so strange since most kids have a costume they only wear for one day.

The Thanksgiving one is a little humorous but not to much of a stretch. After all, I've seen Thanksgiving bibs. If they make Hallmark cards for a particular day I'm assuming there are plenty of onsies on the market for said holiday.

The one that might seem a little over the edge is this one:

What... you mean to tell me everyone doesn't have an outfit solely designed for their first plane flight? How else is she going to look cute enough to get a peek at the cockpit of the 777?

Personally, I don't think it's considered spoiled until you have 12 matching bags with your initials embroidered on them. Yes, I do know a couple of people who have a few of those ;)

Too bad I don't get a t-shirt for all my firsts. If so today I'd be wearing, "Michelle's first text." Yes, I finally broke down and decided to send a text message. It was pretty lame, I sent Michael a message that read, "is this a text" His reply, "Yeah" Apparently he was a bit confused when he received it.

BTW, if anyone is interested, my mother monogrammed the onsies and made the dozen bags that have "MG" monogrammed on them. Let me know if you ever need something to spoil someone else.

Good thing we did not name our girl Laverne, that might have lead to a lot of monogrammed shirts.

Of course, this is all good. I've read in a few books that you can not spoil your child in the first 6 months. This comment is usually in reference to picking them up the instant they begin to cry or allowing them to stay in your bed but I'm going to assume it applies to everything.


Steph said...

Very cute. I personally don't think she's spoiled until she gets her first live pony . . .