Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our veggie box was stollen twice

This season Michael & I are part of a CSA for a local farm: We get to pick up a big box of veggies every other Wednesday night, which is great. The bad part is that we're always the last ones to get out of work and pick up our box. Therefore our veggies sit outside in the summer heat the longest and sweat up the refrigerator drawer pretty quickly.

But... yesterday we had some other bad luck.

After lunch Michael called me to tell me someone had stolen his veggie box. At first I thought he'd already picked up our veggie box and it had somehow been stolen. Thankfully, that was not the case. He'd brought a co-worker to grab lunch and left the empty veggie box on the grass for 10 min. When he returned someone had stolen his empty cardboard box. Although they are nice cardboard boxes it seemed humorous that someone would actually take it after a mere 10 min on the lawn. No biggy, we're still allowed to get new veggies even if we're irresponsible and don't return our old box.

Unfortunately, we seemed to have a string of bad luck with our veggie box yesterday. Michael was again the last person to arrive for his box. But the last lonely box was nowhere to be found. Seems that someone had picked up a box when they weren't supposed to. So now my veggie drawer sits almost empty, a lone bag of carrots and a few onions are the only veggies which remain. No worries, we get to pick up a box at the Saturday pick-up, right before heading off to our 6 hour baby class (I'm sure I'll have something interesting to write about after that).

For now, I guess I'll just have to use this as an excuse to head over to Whole Foods to get myself some more vegetables and / or a nice big grasshopper (why favorite veggie drink).