Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Jinxed Myself

I think the above cartoon pretty much sums things up for the way I was feeling the other day. Clea and I attended a prenatal yoga class together. As we went around the room introducing ourselves and talking about how we were doing I could not help but think, "Yes, there are things going wrong but for the most part I'm all good."

So when it was my turn to introduce myself I said with confidence, "I'm Michelle, I'm 35 weeks, and I'm all good."

At this point the instructor piped in with the predicted response, "Wow, 35 weeks."

Oops, I forgot to insert the part about not looking big enough because I have disproportionally short legs in comparison to my baby hiding torso.

After class we went out to lunch and Clea mentioned that her heartburn had made her voice change. I keep hearing about this so-called heartburn but never quite knew what it feels like. Stupidly, I asked.

Low and behold, that feeling hit me while I was swimming this afternoon. I must admit, it was probably my fault for eating leftover turkey loaf for lunch but I figured I could use the protein. Well, that turkey loaf kept visiting me over and over again and even decided to make a guest appearance. Thankfully I was quickly able to run over to some grass before loosing part of the lunch.

Lessons learned:
(1) Don't ask about ailments and then comment how you haven't had that problem.
(2) Turkey loaf should not be eaten within 1 hr of swimming
(3) Prenatal yoga is 20 min of bonding (i.e. venting) + 1 hr of light stretching


clea said...

I guess I gave it to you because mine is better! I went to my regular yoga yesterday and it was so much better. The teacher modified a couple things for me, but I left feeling like I got a workout! Try TUMS for the heartburn. Cheap and helps at least a little.

Summer said...

Postnatal yoga isn't that much better. And you get even less workout because you're tending a fussing baby the whole time.

It's still fun to bond with new moms though so I go anyway.