Thursday, August 13, 2009

My new friend: the UPS guy

We've lived in our house for 9 1/2 years and I think I've only seen our UPS delivery man a handful of times. So far this week, I have seen him every day. Michael's family has been busy sending us some of the key items for Baby G. One of the bigger items is the rocking chair from his dad. When he visited a few weeks ago he insisted that we NEED a rocking chair and we NEED to be sure it has good cushions.

Behold the glider...

I felt the need to take the picture with my first book gift. When Trisha joined me for our Tues morning water jog she presenting a copy of Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? I've never seen this book but thought it was quite fitting.

One of yesterday's activities included packing the bag for the hospital. I guess the theory is, if you pack it early your baby will be full term before you go into labor. I packed a pile of items into one of my nine blue MG bags (yes, we have a lot of matching bags) and tossed it in the car.

As I was packing the bag I realized a few flaws in the Mayo Clinic packing list

1) Lip Balm - although needed it will be a nasty mess if I put it in the car with our current temperatures.

2) Phone number list - not really needed any more, our cell phones have a long list of phone numbers in them. Plus, with facebook, Twitter, and my blog I'm pretty sure Michael will find faster ways to notify hundreds of people when Baby G arrives.

3) Clothes - aside from my confusion of what a "mid-maternity outfit to wear home" means, I also note the lack of mention of clothing for your SO. They mention clothes for you and the baby and seem to forget that my husband might want to some clean clothes too. Of course, he'll get to leave earlier... to go home and download more video and pictures.

Which brings me to mentioning another new item of the week... the video camera. We've been holding off on getting this, to be sure we get the coolest and newest one on the market. Michael decided it was due time to get one, especially since he wanted to have it before heading up to Leadville next weekend. Stay tuned, useless videos will appear on this site shortly.

Another belly shot (33 weeks)....