Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My mom might be tiny but I'm perfect

We had our 32 week check up today. following yet another encounter with a pregnant lady who told me I'm small.

After eating a lot of food and drinking a bunch of water I managed to tip the scales at 0.8 lb more than 2 weeks ago. Trouble is, this was a 1 pm appointment and the one in 2 weeks is at 7:45 am. Therefore, it might be difficult for me to actually gain weight for that one but I'm not going to worry too much, I'm starting to feel a bit better about my small stomach.

Actually, for the record, the OB told me I was, "measuring tiny." Thank goodness today was the ultrasound because it verified Baby G is not measuring tiny. Her head circumference, the amniotic fluid, and her torso are all looking good. To our surprise, her estimated weight is 4.5 lb, putting her at the 42 percentile. But... that's 4.5 lb +/- .5 lb which sounds like quite a large margin of error to us. Personally, I believe this whole your child is in such-and-such a percentile is a load of crap. Is it really going to matter if my daughter has a bigger noggin than the girl next door? Not unless it's so abnormally large that other kids make fun of it.

Our overall conclusion: Baby G is doing well and likes to sleep after her mom's workouts.

Here are a few pics from the ultrasound:

First, "I'm definitely a girl" pic...

Second, "My nose is smaller than my dad's" pic...

Keep growing Baby G, we'll see you in a couple of months :)


Adventure seeker said...

Yeah! I'm glad the appointment went well. Maybe you could just carbo load the night before the next one? :)

Summer said...

How come you had to have an U/S at 32W? That's sort of unusual.

Mich said...
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Mich said...

I think my OB has eveyone come in for an ultrasound at 32 weeks. Who knows, maybe insurance pays for one each trimester and they try to be sure to get it in.