Friday, August 14, 2009

Not quite my usual running form

As promised... a video from last night.

Before you get too impressed with the fact that I was actually running at 33 weeks into my pregnancy I'm going to be honest and tell you it only lasted about 5 min.

For those of you who might question my logic too my doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist, or anyone else, "I declare my right to run when trying to escape from the wrath of the paparazzi." Clearly I am being chased by someone who wants to video tape the pregnant lady and see what it looks like when the baby falls out due to the impact of running while pregnant. Too bad I'm saving that type of craziness for Rich and Kelly's wedding, they're getting married 2 days before my due date. Rich is convinced it'll be a top hit on YouTube if there's a baby born during the ceremony, I don't think Kelly agrees.

Michael said the most humorous part of this run was watching the people stare in the 'dog off leash' area. I wonder if they could tell I was pregnant or were actually staring at Michael as he ran through with a huge Camelpak on his back.

Some of you may notice the forward tilt in my form. My pelvis has shifted due to Baby G's location, a mass sticking out the front of me. This has lead to quite an unusual feeling while running and becomes a bit uncomfortable after a few minutes. Therefore, I've spent a lot of time water jogging and have made a few 5 min runs in the middle of my walks.

I'd been running on the road and trail for the first 7 months but halted my ground travels after a troublesome run / walk last month. Although I noticed a decrease in top end pace overnight, I did manage to maintain a fairly 'normal' aerobic pace for those 7 months. The big difference was my increased bathroom use and general discomfort. I have a mental imagine of how I should look while running and that was no longer easy to maintain.

Keep in mind, this is me, not everyone. Some people stop running a few months into their pregnancy and some continue to run until the day they give birth. Some slow down a lot and others don't slow as much.

For me the question becomes, "Will I be faster and stronger afterward?"