Monday, August 24, 2009

Last weekend alone

Michael was up in Leadville this weekend to support some of our friends doing the Leadville Trail 100 mile run.

Before continuing on I'll take the moment to answer some of the questions I've fielded about this event...

1) Of course they stop, that's what the aid stations are for
2) Yes, they let girls do the race
3) That's correct, I meant to say 12,000 ft above sea level
4) Yes, they eat while they do this event
5) Why? Because it's a challenge and you get a belt buckle if you finish in time.

Okay, now that we have that clarified we'll move along to my last weekend alone:

For those of you who don't know my life story, you might not realize that I have never actually lived alone. I had roommates all through college and we bought this house before I even graduated from CMU. Technically I've never lived alone but Michael has made dozens of trips over the past decade so there's been a cumulative year plus of being alone.

Thing is, I don't seem to have much fun being home alone. It might have something to do with my extrovert nature but I think the inevitable troubles that arise when Michael is gone are the real issue. Things always break when he's gone, it's as if there's a curse on the house when I'm here alone. One of the most memorable break-downs was the night I was cooking dinner and the refrigerator suddenly started gushing water out the door, the water line had broken. Right before he left for this trip, I hit a rock driving up Mopac. I now have a cracked windshield and last night the garbage disposer broke.

Personally, I'm hoping this whole string of breaking will end when Baby G arrives and I am no longer home alone.

Okay, just in case you're curious, that is not my windshield, I just liked the picture. Mine is just one crack that is currently making it's way across the top of my windshield. It's not nearly as exciting as that picture but it'll cost the same amount to replace.