Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where's yours?

I just got back from joining the pregnancy and new moms meet-up group, we met at Genuine Joe's coffee on Anderson. There were about 15-20 ladies there, an almost even split between ladies who were pregnant and ones who'd had their baby in the past couple of months. There was also one token dad, who's wife dragged him along before their doctor's appointment.

As usual I got a lot of (now typical) comments from first time introductions to people, i.e. "You're due when? You're so small!"

It really does add quite a new element of humor when meeting a number of pregnant and new moms who make these types of comments...

When I began talking to the guy he was asking questions about our plan for the baby, etc. He then made the comment, "You have plenty of time to think about that, my wife is due September 18th."

"Not too much time, I'm due September 28th," I replied. That response just got a blank stare.

There were the usual comments from the other pregnant ladies talking about when they're due and how many people have told them they look huge. There were two girls due at the end of December who were complaining about others making comments about their size. Nothing new, I kept quiet for that conversation.

The part that got me laughing inside was the conversation I had with a mom who was carrying her son in a sling. I was asking her questions about it and she asked, "Where's yours?"

I pointed to my belly, "She's in there."

So we've got this down; I'm not huge, my baby probably won't be huge, it's now a game to see how long these comments last. The bigger question is, what will I be asked afterward, "Who's baby is that?" Or will I get the comment, "I didn't even know you were pregnant."