Sunday, June 10, 2007

Time Management

I've always prided myself in being well organized and ahead of schedule for things that need to get done. In high school and undergrad I was the dork that had the assignments done days before they were due. I was the one who'd be in the library first thing in the morning on the weekends to be sure I'd get to bed early every night.
Things are a bit different now. It's 10pm on Sunday and I'm sitting down with my Dynamics homework, feeling behind schedule b/c I wanted to work on it yesterday but felt too tired from the brick workout. Of course, this homework isn't actually due until Thursday but in my mind I'm behind. Things just seem a lot different during this round of school. I'm trying to work, train for a triathlon, and go to school at the same time. No complaints here b/c I knowingly signed myself up to all this. Yet, I'm still looking forward to starting my taper tomorrow so I can have a bit more time to get back on top of my lab work and studies.
A big thanks to Michael for cooking dinner, going to HEB, and running all the other errands today. He also got some help from Joe when we realized our microwave bit the dust. It's 56lb and hangs above the level of my head so I wasn't going to be much help getting the old one down. (hm.... secretly I wonder if I could say that in this case it was an advantage to be short b/c I was just too darn small to help)


Michael Garel said...

I'm so ready for my taper... Or your taper... Whatever it is, those long sherpa workouts are done!