Saturday, June 2, 2007

Don't try anything "new"

After my nice crash in P-ville my bars were a wee bit messed up. So, I left the Griffen at the shop earlier in the week and picked it up when I worked yesterday. It has some nice new bar tape on the new-ish handle bars and it looks sweet.

Yesterday, I took a couple of minutes to set it up on the bike stand to check the adjustment of the new bars. Zane was nice enough to help me out and he also mentioned a couple of other things he'd noticed. One was the angle of my saddle, it was pointed down ~7 degrees. This is mainly due to some issues I've had in the past but after a few minutes of chatting I was starting to get concerned that I had something set up wrong. So I asked to point it up a bit, he agreed to put it to -3.5 degrees.

That was a very very very bad idea! My ride today was one of the most painful rides I've ever head. My ishial tuberosity was in such pain that I wanted to get off the bike more than I ever have in a ride. So, I took a detour from my route and went over to J&A to put the saddle back. It was a lot better on the ride home... I definitely learned my lesson


Michael Garel said...

Wow... I that smart level is so cool!!