Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bam... it's hot in Texas

A few years back I made the comment to some co-workers that Austin has a few distinct seasons. The rainy cold marathon training season (aka winter), which leads to the windy/ flower-filled season (aka spring), and the hot season (aka summer & fall). This year the rainy season seemed to last a bit longer and the flowers were out in full force. The flowers are always pleasant to see while riding and the crazy amount of rain we've had has been quite comical while we've had only 1 car.

Unfortunately, it appears the seasons shifted mid week and it has become brutally hot and humid this week. When I first moved to Austin in late may of 2000, I went for a run at lunch time and called Michael to tell him I didn't think I'd survive the summer. Over the past 7 years I've become more acclimated to the heat and I can now say with pride that I can still run well off the bike, even when it's hot out.

Today was my last longish brick before CDA... 4:20 ride + 1:00 run. It was blazing hot when we finished riding at noon and I was a wee bit less than excited about the run in the sun. But a scarfed down a banana and a bit of dark chocolate in transition and was off. To my delight it went well and I had one of my fastest times for my 'park loop.' As I was running along I told myself that I was out there 'getting it done.' Today's brick was good, it reminded me that I can run off the bike well no matter what the weather, confidence is always a good thing.

When I got home Michael had chopped up a water melon for me (yum) and was kind enough to show off his cell phone's abilities by shooting some pictures of me with my bright red face (see picture attached)

I think we've got 15 days until CDA... hopefully that will be enough time for someone to figure out a way to get me some chilled dark chocolate in T2... ;)


Michael Garel said...

Dude.. check out those abs!