Tuesday, June 26, 2007

IM CDA 2007

Picture 1: Me before the swim start. I was shivering in my wetsuit so I put on my gloves and kept on my shoes until the last possible minute.

Picture 2: Here I am running towards the finish line. Yes, it's true... I was actually running at mile 26 of the Ironman run.

Picture 3: The water before the swim start. If you look closely you might spot Joe, Ali, and Kelly at the front right side of the swimmers.

Picture 4: the super secret power food. Thanks to Meredith for the idea to make these. After a few iterations I found the perfect combo. It's a darn good thing b/c those tortilla's were about the only thing I was in the mood to eat on Sunday.


IM CDA: June 24th 2007
My first IM was CDA 2004, this year I returned to CDA for my 6th IM. Six Ironman in 3 years. I'm not the only person I know to has done that many but maybe for me that was one too many, who knows.
This one was definitely the toughest for me, mentally and physically. No need to share too many details but there are a few things worth mentioning, just in case they might help some others in the future. After all, "those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it."
As I mentioned, this race was tough for me and I think a lot of that has to do with what I was feeling on race day. It seemed like my entire body hurt and I was in a rut for about 90% of the race. That's a long time and although I did eventually get through it and enjoy the run it was taxing. I was not enjoying the day and that's what made it hard.
The days following the race were even harder for me. I guess you'd call it post-race depression. It's supposedly normal but nothing I've experienced after past races has felt as horrific as this.
I mention this because I think it's something many people might face at one point or another. The disappointment in not achieving a goal which you've focused on for a long time is hard to handle. So when you're setting goals and trying to accomplish them be sure to keep things in perspective. Try not to pressure yourself too much or you might not enjoy the journey as much.


meredith said...

I am so proud of you for getting to the finish line, even when you wanted to hop off the bike!! I think it is awesome that since you weren't meeting your goals that you went out of your way to slow down on the run and help others try to meet theirs. You have taken a journey, now take a break, and enjoy being Micheal's running sherpa :)

By the way, thanks for taking the photo of the chocolate tortilla!

Amy said...

I, too, am suffering from some post-race depression. I agree that it's good to be honest with yourself and with others about it. Hope to see you soon...