Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Rain is back

I spoke too soon when I said the rainy season had passed. We got another burst of precipitation today. Impending doom was looming over head just as the Texas Iron run workout was leaving from J&A at 6:30 tonight. After a quick check of the radar (okay, multiple checks) it was decided that run practice was still on but it was going to be fast.
I set out with a goal of getting my fartlek run completed before the storm hit. Yippee, I met my goal and had fun doing it.
Overall, today's workouts seemed to be a lot of fun to me. At masters this morning Whitney assigned us 6x500 as snake. The pool is set up for long course so we got to swim up 50m, go under the lane line, then back in the next lane. It was super fun, especially when I got to do 500 pull as the second one. My goal was to finish my 4x500 (only 4 since I'm tapering) without being lapped by Amy. Didn't quite make it, she passed me at the final flags. But... she did have a head start so maybe that counts for something ;) Either way... there are some really speedy swimmers out there who seem to make it look so easy.
10 days left... trying hard to make it to the start line in good shape... so far I'm at 2 days w/o chocolate (excluding mint chocolate cliff bars). It might be hard to continue through tomorrow, it is Friday and Whole Foods bark is very hard to resist.