Monday, November 30, 2009


Whenever family comes to visit it seems there is an inevitable conversation regarding our television and / or lack of television watching. Let's just say I don't know which remote control turns on the television and have no clue what numbers to punch in to bring up the stations we get.

"Have you seen the preview for X?"
"Did you watch Y?"
"Are you going to watch Z game?"

Simply put, "No, I have no clue what that is and most likely won't be blasting out of our 10 yr old television."

Maybe it's a case of not knowing what I'm missing but that does not bother me much. Besides, how in the world would I find time to watch television? It's not like I'm going to skip my workouts to watch The Biggest Looser... I think that would be oddly hypocritical although I'm not sure since I've never actually seen the show.

Funny thing... my mother told me the other day about reports of children getting injured from flat screen televisions. Apparently there's been a high rate of the top heavy screens toppling over onto kids. Next time I field a question about our old television I'll just say it's for Leah's safety.

I'm actually wondering what the conversations might be when she returns home from a friends house in a few years...

"Mom, they had this thing called a television and they had all this strange food."

Correction: it won't be a friends house, that will be the conversation when she returns home from visiting my brother ;)


A couple weeks ago we stopped off at Einsteins for breakfast. I overheard a comment from someone near by, saying some people are too focused on their kids. I'm not sure if that was directed towards us or if it was merely a coincidence. Either way, I think I've become one of those people who focuses on their kid.

Could be worse, I saw a lady walking at Town Lake, with her dog in a front carrier on her chest. I might offend someone by saying this but I think that was a bit odd. Is the dog stroller not strange enough?

For the Leah fans out there, we've got a few videos from the past couple of weeks to share

Yogi Leah turns into a WWF ref once she gets tired:

Leah's first time on her Dad's shoulders, including some great commentary about the experience:

Leah's reaction to every race we've gone to watch:

(Apparently our hobbies are boring to her, can't wait for the teenage years)


Steph said...

LOVE the Leah videos. Who needs television when you have something that cute to watch :)

trish said...

I like Leah's commentary throughout all of this. And she is quite the yogi!

OHF said...

Kelly and I are Leah fans, indeed!