Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's been a while since a post, needed some time to recharge the batteries

Leah is good at recharging, sometimes better than we are! She's a bit smarter about it, when she's tired she sleeps. Her parents are slow learners, when they're tired they ignore it. When she sleeps they start running around.

Last weekend we did the Dirty Du as a relay. Leah slept the entire morning, she didn't seem to interested in the useless play of the adults. But the second we packed everything back into the truck she started to fuss. Apparently the sleeping that morning spurred a two month growth spurt. The next few days were filled with A LOT of eating.

Good news, apparently turkey makes babies tired too. Leah has been slept 8 hrs straight for the past couple of nights. After a few months of getting less sleep, 8 hrs seems like a dream.


Here's a picture I sent to Michael last Friday at 5pm:

"Dad, look how cute I am. Come home and play."

It makes a huge difference when the smiling begins.

And of course, a Thanksgiving day picture:

Leah is thankful for her airplane mobile, clothes, milk, people to hold her, Pandora (on the iphone), and her pacifier. She is not thankful for baths, diaper changes, or bright lights.

Memorable commentary of the weekend:

"Leah looks so much like Michelle," says Michael's mom.

"Yeah, for a while I thought she had my legs but they've gotten chubby," replies Michael.

Thanks Michael, I appreciate the reminder that I have quadzilla legs ;)

... more pictures and some better posts to follow


Steph said...

Very very cute photos. Thanks for sharing!