Wednesday, November 4, 2009


When's the last time you've ever outgrown your clothes? Unless you've been pregnant recently it's probably been a while since that's happened. I think I stopped growing in about 5th grade. I'm not joking about that either, until recently I still had some t-shirts from 5th grade that I fit into.

Tonight Michael was telling his mom about the traumatic event of the week, "We had to retire some of our favorite outfits. She's already outgrown all of her newborn clothes."

Leah is now 7 weeks old, I'm glad she's grown enough to be wearing the 0-3 month clothes, especially considering the amount she eats.

For all of Leah's fans we've got a few more pictures (and some bonus commentary)...

Me and Great-grandma Jeanette:

I've got mommy and daddy wrapped around my fingers. There's no way they'll put me in my crib when I look these peaceful in their bed:

Look, I'm sitting up, No hands! How many babies can do that at 6 weeks?

Dad, hold still. I want to see if it'll hurt when I hit you with my 'nerd toy':

Happy Halloween. When do we get to go get the dark chocolate?


Maggie said...

Hi. My name is Maggie, and I'm a Leah fan! oh yea!!
cuuuuute pics!!

Steph said...

DEFINITELY a Leah fan. Keep the adorable photos coming!!!