Monday, November 16, 2009


I once read a commentary on altruistic acts. It stating they are almost non-existent because people feel a sense of pride or joy when doing a good deed for someone else. In that case, your reward is feeling good about yourself. Therefore something can not be defined as truly altruistic unless you are unaware that you have done it.

Today I dropped off my first donation to the milk bank, about 170 oz of liquid gold. It took a little over a month to collect this stash of the liquid gold and it would take a premature baby less than half that time to drink it all.

Yes, I feel good that I was able to donate the milk. Our mother's did not have the opportunity to do this, they didn't have all the fancy pumps we have today. I consider myself lucky to have the extra milk to share and I'm happy that it will go to someone who needs it.


A couple of pics of Leah dancing on Sat morning when I told her we were about to visit the farmer's market...


Devon said...

That's an amazing thing you're doing, Michelle, and you should feel good about it!

Sara said...

oh Michelle...that's awesome!! I really wanted to do that when I was nursing Colton and had a good stash built up in the freezer to donate. But then I had to have gallbladder surgery and my production plummitted.

That's an amazing gift you gave a baby! :)