Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Secret Weapon

Here's Leah on 11/15. If you look closely you'll notice she is happily sleeping atop her airplane blanket. She's already trying to impress her daddy.

Leah getting ready to follow the Austin folks racing IM FL.

I know this one is a bit lame but it's much more creative than the baby holding a remote and a beer version.


After swimming on Friday one of the girls asked me how my stomach was so small after having a baby. If I'd been a bit more awake on Friday morning I may have realized how to answer this question.

Pilot research (n=1) has shown minimal pregnancy weight gain in women who consume Ghirardelli brownies at least once per week.

Some of you might be fooled into thinking brownies are a bad thing. Most of them probably are but the Ghirardelli ones are free from the evil ingredient; high fructose corn syrup.

Tomorrow I will be drafting a letter to the Ghirardelli chocolate company to ask them if they would be interested in funding my research study. Of course, I'll probably need a larger sample size so feel free too consume large amounts of brownies and report back with your results.


Steph said...

Very cut. The Leah Fans approve of this post :)