Thursday, December 3, 2009

Being in the right place

While we were flying the other day Michael and I were having a conversation about relativity. It was a very interesting discussion about the velocity and acceleration of airplanes and bugs within the airplane. Lucky for you, that is not what this blog post is about.

Instead, a brief recap of my lucky coincidence today...

Text message from RY: " [my license plate ID] I think I'm parked next to you"

We were both running some errands mid day and some how ended up parked next to each other on the almost_roof level of a parking garage.

It sounds like a funny coincidence but I have somehow run into Rich in many random places; the airport, Barton Springs, races, etc. The first encounter (while he was a tour guide at Carnegie Mellon) has been a huge factor in shaping the past 15 yrs of my life. Had he split the tour group differently I might not have gone to CMU, might not have met Michael, and probably would not be living in Austin right now. Thank you Rich for inadvertently shaping my future.

We, on the other hand, deliberately shaped his future by introducing him to Kelly.

Back to the story... We both got done at the same time and decided it would be fun to head to lunch. RY had never been to EZ's so we made the short walk over there and enjoyed a good chat. Mid way through our meal the kids at the next table decided it would be fun to dump their glasses of water and ice. Crash, a huge spill all over and a water fall pouring off the table.

"That's what you have to look forward too," Rich said with a laugh.

I quickly reached over to cover Leah's eyes, "You don't see anything."

When we were growing up my brother spilled his drink about 9 of 10 meals. I honestly think it became a game of 'try to wreck Michelle's dinner' instead of a mere accident. My brother seemed to love spilling milk and OJ onto my food too see how much liquid was required to keep me from clearing my plate.

It should be fun to see what sorts of messes Leah gets into as she grows. I suspect there will be many of them. I also suspect a certain person (who will remain nameless) will burst out into laughter and therefore encourage this type of behavior.


A few more Leah pictures

Wishing a happy B-day all the cool people born at this time of year:Encouraging mom riding the trainer, after a stellar 20 min nap:

For those of you wondering about the picture at the top of this post, that was my failed attempt to take a self portrait with my iPhone. It didn't quite work as planned.

Leah is much better at taking self portraits with the phone:


Maggie said...

LMAO!!! Leah figured out how to use the camera on the iphone!! hilare.