Saturday, December 26, 2009


Things happen a little differently on days with both parents at home. There's more time to get chores done around the house but some things in life don't change too much after kids. Instead of settling down to a productive day of finishing the fence project or purging out things we don't need we decided to introduce Leah to the Garel lifestyle.

Here's a list of today's activities
- Feed Leah
- Change Leah
- Mom is "that person" waiting for the gym to open at 8am
- Dad runs at Town Lake
- Feed Leah
- Change Leah
- Farmer's Market trip
- Austin Children's Museum visit
- Feed Leah
- Change Leah
- Take care of brother's cat
- Mom runs at Town Lake while Dad & Leah play at Jack & Adams
- Feed Parents
- Feed Leah
- Change Leah
- Read story
- House chores and web surfing

The parents out there may notice something was missing from this list... there was no mention of a nap. I suspect this type of weekend oversight may become a serious issue in the future. Or... Leah will quickly realize her parents are crazy and will begin to sleep through all the activities we drag her out too.

When I returned back from my outing at Town Lake I asked Michael what they had done while I was gone. Michael happily showed me a phone full of pictures of Leah testing out a tri-bike.

As I carried a bucket of laundry upstairs I asked Michael what he was doing. "I'm morphing pictures of us to find out what Leah should look like." Apparently there's a website that allows you to morph pictures to determine what your baby would look like. This would probably be a great application for those who do not have a baby sleeping in the next room. With his lack of sleep Michael forgot that he already knows what our morphed baby looks like.

But... this was fun and took less than 9 months of waiting before we got to see it.

Thankfully, I think Leah lucked out and looks cuter than the morph prediction.

Aside from morph_baby there's also a morph_old feature. I have to be honest, this one freaked me out a bit. I'm hoping this strange shadow looking morph is not the way Leah will look in 30 yrs.


J said...

morph old is a little freaky!!! I think she will look a little more feminine!

- Julia

Steph said...

Too funny on the Leah bike photos. As for the morph, I agree that she's way better looking than the prediction :-). Thanks for sharing!